COSMIC ENTITIES, 2016 - 2018

Wood carving, sculpted canvas, oil, acrylic, canvas, glass.

Dimensions: varying





COSMIC ENTITIES are four individual sculptures depicting cosmic objects.

60”H x 40” W x 40”L
Carved jelutong, oil, canvas, wood 

Using molecular models as a reference, URSA MAJOR is a skeletal version of a chainsaw carving of a bear.

58”H x 38” W x 4”L
Wood, nails, glue

URSA MINOR is a geometric stretcher frame for canvas, left bare to bring attention to the structure of a traditional painting.

48”H x 16” W x 14”L
Blown mold glass, silver nitrate, oil, canvas, wood

Working with a team of gaffers as artist in residence at the PILCHUCK ART SCHOOL I produced several blown glass asteroids incorporating the glass pieces into sculpted paintings.

60”H x 60” W x 2.5”L
Oil, canvas, stretcher, ellipsoidal lamp

MOON is a traditional flat oil painting painted in black and white. Color is added as an illumination from the blue gel of the lamp focused on the perimeter of the canvas to give a dimensional illusion. The lamp acts a metaphor for a star creating the light on the moon.

Exhibition History:

Bellevue Art Museum,
Bellevue, Washington

September 2nd 2016 - January 5th 2017

Cosmic Entities